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Ostuni area

A white sculpture of oriental houses with terraced roofs spread out over seven hills and tucked between the slopes of the «Murge» Table Mountains and the blue Adriatic sea. This is Ostuni, a charming village where the many strata of Mediterranean culture come together.

«The white queen of the olive trees»
, still surrounded and protected by ancient walls, is made up of a maze of alleys and a rapid succession of round Gothic arches, which highlight the crocked outline of the houses as they climb up towards the Cathedral and the church of the Monacelle.

But Ostuni, with its whi-tewashed houses, is just one of the may «jewels» embellishing this fortunate land, where in the space of just a few square kilometers we have a chance to appreciate countless landscapes and places of artistic, historical and cultural interest.

The «trulli» of Alberobello are perhaps the emblem for which this region is renowned throughout the world, but how can we fail to mention the Castellana caves and the spontaneous architecture of Cisternino, the Fasano forest and the nearby Zoo-Safari, the Egnathia excavations, Castel del Monte and Lecce with its unique baroque monuments?

Saracens, Normans, Ara-goneses, invaders, traders, soldiers and emirs all have tales to tell here, but there is also evidence of mysterious pre-historic dwellings as they re-emerge amidst the dolmens and rock-crypts.
These tales of old disperse amidst the odours of the Mediterranean, odours of wine, prickly-pears, al-monds and citrus fruits.
These odours remind us of a gradually vanishing culture, which is nevertheless still preserved in this part of Apulia.

In this superb corner of Apulia we find the GRAND HOTEL MASSERIA SANTA LUCIA, a superior class hotel, that offers its guests a feeling of serenity and well-being thanks to the beauty of its architecture and the natural scenario surrounding it.
Eveloped in greenery, just a few meters away from the shores of the Adriatic sea, on the extreme edge of the Eastern «Murge» Table Mountains, the GRAND HOTEL MASSERIA SANTA LUCIA recreates a modern version of the hospitality and outward appearance typical of Apulia's ancient farm-houses. The hotel's architecture conjures up a romantic environment which is gradually disappearing.